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Bigg Boss 11 5th October Full Episode 

Bigg Boss 11 5th October Full Episode 5th Preview Live Show 5-10-2017 Online Watch : The obvious twin prime which is going to be considered in the mathematics 7th and 11th. The 7th has done it’s part and now the 11th has been unvield. Yes, the guess which you got is correct, Bigg boss season 11 has been started before few days and episode 5 is going to be aired now. Shivani durga phantoms other contestants, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa shinde’s fight turns into gruesome. As we can see that an abrupt tussle has happened the very first week on the 11th season of biggboss. The balmy condition in the house is changing day by day, as the world climate change is making abrupt twists.  

 5th Preview live Show of Bigg Boss 11 5th October Full Episode

Salman who coined the bigg boss in india has to hold a firm grip with the constestants second time in a row and may be the third week also. As there is a saying when there is kingdom of good will there is also going to be kingdom of sick. Yes the scuffles between Vikas gupta and Shilpa shinde are blending and turning into mayhem. These mishaps can take them into long roads and eliminate them. So they should not cause trivial errors at all. Of course by watching them we can say that no one is going to step back or turn their face, they are sticked to the old fashioned way and going to adhere to it.

Bigg Boss 11 5th October Full Episode

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As this leads to an argument every hour. Oh God! Please help these poor lads. The reason behind this tussle is that Shilpa told Arshi khan that she was a friend of hers and respected him before bhabhi ji ghar par hai took place. This made Vikas loathe about her and turned into controversy. Beeps please. Thus the next episode is going to be worse as a early kick off as the nocturnal animals have raged at night and went for a haunt. Vikas has been into vexation and started to make rumpus by throwing utensils all over the bedroom so that the shilpa cannot sleep. Shivani durga who is a watchdog stares at shipa for more than 15minutes and whispers something. This promo has been watched by so many citizens after it has been uploaded. To say it was scary and dramatize.

Ya.. Every body Catch the preview here…

Details of Bigg Boss 11 5th October Full Episode

Name of Channel: Colors Hindi

Name of Show: Bigg Boss 11

Today Show Date: 5th october 2017

Today Show Preview: 5th Day

Commoners- 12

Celebrities- 6

Season: 11

Aired from: 1st October 2017

No. of contestants: 18 

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