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Bigg boss 2

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants Names 2018

Welcome to Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants Names 2018 List &Starting Date Participants Audition Host: Bigg Boss has been started in all the regional languages of India after its success in North and the take over of many regional languages by Star TV network made it easy to coordinate all the languages with Bigg Boss Show. With the first season being successful, all the Star family channels have planned for the launch of Bigg Boss 2 in the coming days. With this reference, Telugu Bigg Boss is also planning the Oppo Bigg Boss 2 Telugu in large scale. So many interested and addicted Telugu Bigg Boss viewers could not manage their patience. They are waiting for the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu contestants list who are going to entertain them in the coming days. So all the predicted and expected candidates will be shown here for Bigg Boss 2 Telugu.

BB2-Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants List @biggbossTelugu

Observing the contestants list of Bigg boss Telugu season 1, we can be able to know how the Bigg Boss house runs with the provided number of participants. In the game show, totally 16 members have been introduced where these people need to live here for 70 days without going out. All the physical, psychological balances have been observed and the viewers voted their favourite contestants in the house. The top contestant have won the Bigg Boss Telugu Title for the season 1. With the taste of Bigg Boss 1 Telugu Success, Star Maa has also planned to start the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu and we will host the information about the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants Names 2017 & Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote online with Missed call Numbers list 2017 here Soon.. 

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants Names 2018


BB2- Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote online & Missed call Numbers list 2018

With the interest on Bigg Boss in telugu hosted by the versatile actor Jr. NTR, all the telugu TV viewers are waiting to know the list of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Contestants list. With all the candidates and contestants selected to this show Bigg Boss runs the game show which is the reality show. For the show to be run successfully, contestants should be friendly with each other and should able to control their anger. With the eliminations, one after the other, they will be leaving the house.

Telugu Bigg Boss 2 Participants 2018 Vote Online

Soon the Star Maa channel authorities will be completing the selection of Telugu Bigg Boss 2 Participants and Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants list. We will supply you the details of the following list. So this might help you out in reducing the anxiety over the names of participants. For 70 continuous days of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, these participants will be helping you with stress reliever. So get entertained through these contestants after the launch of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu.

BB2- Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Vote online & Missed call Numbers list 2017

Telugu Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants Names 2018 Full Info

Details of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants List:

Name of Authority: Star Maa

Name of Sponsor: Oppo

Name of Show: Bigg Boss 2 Telugu

Number of contestants: 16 expected

List of contestants: Soon updated

Bigg Boss telugu Session 1 Contestants Names 2017

Diksha , Kathi Mahesh, Madhu Priya, Katthi Kartheeka, Dhanraj, Mumait Khan, Sameer, Kalpana, Sampoornesh Babu, Jyoti, Archana, Prince, Adarsh, Navdeep and Hari Teja. 

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Bigg Boss Telugu Rules and Regulations

As Bigg Boss 2 Telugu has been the most viewed and attracting reality show in Telugu right now telecasted by Star MAA, every one is enthusiastic about the rules and Regulations to be followed in the House. Here are the Bigg Boss Telugu Rules and Regulations.

Rules and Regulations: All the contestants living in the house need to stay there for 70 days. All these candidates will be isolated from the external world even from their families. They should not use any electronic gadgets including mobile phones, Television, internet, laptops, tablets etc. Minute to minute monitoring of candidates behaviour is done through the installed cameras. There are 60 cameras fixed in the house to monitor contestants regularly. Every week, Bigg Boss will be eliminating the house mate using the voting done by the viewers through online or missed call alerts. So ever week, number of contestants gets decreased and finally on the last day one of the contestant will be selected as Title winner.

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