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[Online Voting] of BB5 @ Bigg Boss 5 Kannada Vote

Bigg Boss 5 Kannada Vote Online BB5 Season 5 Missed Call Numbers Elimination List Winners list: After a sublime season in Bollywood the bigg boss has been coined and bagged in other southern regions. Bigg boss has been perpetual and no boundaries have been taken to the floor. By seeing it’s context and how the audience have been awed to it, producers have clutched to produce in multilingual languages with actors and actresses from their own states. Earlier week Telugu Bigg boss has been hosted by the versatile actor N.T.R(Jr), who organised elegantly and was praised by many members. Neglecting the TRP’s and Profits, every one has joined to watch this was it became their part of life. In other phrase an entertaining one.

Kannada Season 5 Bigg boss BB5 Voting online

Everyone beloves the entertainment programs. Coming to this post, after successfully competition of four season of bigg boss in kannada, it is ready to get suit up for the fifith season. The contestants participated in this season 5 are mentioned below. These include 11 males and 8 females who are very well known at small industry, which includes 6 are common and 11 are celebreties. So get ready to have dinner or popcorn at your feet and watch the much awaiting season 5 of bigg boss.

Big Boss 5 Kannada 5 Missed Call Numbers list

This season five is hosted by Kiccha sudeep who is quite well known is tollywood with his limelight performance in eega which has been directed by S.S.Rajamouli. These have known each other before making the film, were Sudeep has made remake of Vikramarkudu starring Ravi teja and Anushka shetty. This movie changed Sudeep career and made him well known all over the kannada state. So everyone are hyped to see him host this season 5. Season 5 is also going to have the voting process. By this basis which is same like the Tamil bigg boss contestant waves his hand to give a farewell.

Bigg Boss 5 Kannada Vote

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Thus this is going to be the best season again as it has welcomed many celebrities compared to other season and audience will be in dubiety who is gone leave the house. Teasers and Promos have been done and the registrations have been started on 15th Oct 2017. The youtube page and the facebook page can be checked and know what the current situation is going on. 

Bigg Boss 5 Kannada Vote Voting of BB5

Voting system has been best since many shows, therefore this is the best method to vote the contestants. Audience can also vote via giving missed call them. Select the type of contestant and press the allotted number to them. How to vote in Bigg boss season 5 have also been explained in below sentences and please do follow them. Social pages have been published to vote for the contestants and please do read them and vote for your favourite contestant. Previously the kannada bigg boss seasons have been played on TV at midnight juts like the highlights of cricket match. Hot star has not yet taken the decision to play, soon they will be uploading them and audience can watch it live, in other phrase live streaming. Please do follow some steps to vote via google online.

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BB5- Bigg Boss 5 Kannada Contestant names list

  • Jayasreenivasan Guruji
  • Megha
  • Dayal Padmanabhan
  • Sihi Kahi Chandru
  • Shruti Prakash
  • Anupama Gowda
  • Riaz Pasha
  • Niveditha Gowda
  • Sameer Acharya
  • Karthik Jayaram
  • Ashita Chandrappa
  • Diwakar
  • Tejaswi Prakash
  • Chandan Shetty
  • Suma Rajkumar
  • Jagan
  • Krishni Thapanda

Steps to vote via google online of Bigg Boss 5 Kannada Vote Online 

1) Check the opened site is and search for Bigg boss kannada vote.

2) List of contestants who have participated in this will be displayed in the box.

3) Just click on the upward arrow mark and submit it.

4) Audiences can vote the bar upto 50 votes and then submit it.

5) Total 50 points will be given to the one who is voting and he/she can decide by equally diving them and voting to others also.

6) Share this page or news on social media and help others to vote too.

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