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BB2 Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestants 

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestants Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestant Names list Dates : Pace up lads and have a nickle of your own these are the words which can be elucidated for the candidates who are participating in the 2nd season of bigboss telugu. Already one episode has been aired and many of the are watching them. New lads have been added to the herd who are all beloved to some citizens and some not.

The lads want to win this season at any cost and make their own nickle. In previous version or the seasons, the rooster alarm used to wake up the contestants and they used to dance while doind their morning errands listening to tunes Koi Ladki hai. These days the mornings have been changed and turned to tussles, which then turned into arguments. On one side of the coin Junior NTR as great rapper, and on the other side of the coin Nani want to become the big daddy. These tunes will finally lead to arguments and makes vikas into vexation. Anchor Suma will be a part of this tussle in other these both. NTR Says thay she is playing an eccendentesiast part.

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Further more he adds that Shipla is playing the character like fox, mad and cunning. No one is going to turn their back and ready to fist and fury. Akash has been a wall for shilpa during the tussle with Vikas and on the other hand priyanks plays an motor and cement back to Vikas by saying he is right. He Finalls tells that there should be no involvment of her as it is going to lead to other matters and should go ahead in this game without affeecting the game plan. As this is going on one corner, the other corner in between Padosis and Gharwale.

How often  are the Padosis – Lucinda nicholas, Mehjabi siddiqui, Sabyasachi satapathy and Luv tyagi. Big boss coined celebrity is going to do a task within few minutes and it is around 4min and 30seconds. Contestants to have clear idea about this task are Zubai khan and shivani durga. By seeing Zubair doind extreme hard word and making a good result out of it in specified time, padosis are worried about it and blame each other for not having any coordination.

Akash, Benafsha and bandagi are going to provide an hand to the ask elegantly. The present one inlcuded to bath and feed the donkey. Padosis have done this task within 4min and 56 seconds. An thus the donkey has been a part in their animal farm written by George ornwell. On the other side Bandagi and akash have thier taks with the donkey, Benafsha is give the order to feed the carrots to jack. Gharwale are unable to complete the task within the limit and they are going to loose with padosis. This happened in the second round. Padosis have been introduce themselves without any flak and made up a story which has been believed. Bigboss has been not convinced by this and gives some more time to prepare.

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestants Names 2018

We will Update all Season 2 Contestant names here Soon. Please wait for little time…..

Bigg Boss telugu Session 1 Contenstants Names 2017

Diksha , Kathi Mahesh, Madhu Priya, Katthi Kartheeka, Dhanraj, Mumait Khan, Sameer, Kalpana, Sampoornesh Babu, Jyoti, Archana, Prince, Adarsh, Navdeep and Hari Teja.

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Details of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestants List:

Name of Authority: Star Maa

Name of Sponsor: Oppo

Name of Show: Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2

Number of contestants: 16 expected

List of contestants: Soon updated Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Registration/Auditions Form

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