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BB5 at Kannada Bigg Boss 5 Launch date

BB5 Kannada Contestants names & Kannada Bigg Boss 5 Launch date Start dates Contestant Names Host : Bigg boss 5 Kannada Launch date: After the successful completion of Kannada Bigg Boss 4 season last year, Endemol India is now ready to telecast the Bigg Boss 5 Kannada with the same host with whom they have signed the agreement for a span of  years. After the selection of contestants to the show through auditions, everything will be clear enough to start the new updated Bigg Boss 5. Here every interested viewer of Kannada are ready to face the Kannada Bigg Boss 5 Launch dates as well as the start date. So here we have provided them for your reference.

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Kannada Bigg Boss 5 Launch date 

As declared before,

will be started soon and its dates are said here. In the words of Production house persons, Bigg Boss 5 to be started on either last week of September 2017 or in the first week of October 2017. Auditions procedure for the participants in the game show has been in the process and all the selected contestants will have to face the game show and its rules soon in the Kannada Bigg Boss House.

Kannada Bigg Boss 5 Launch date

Kannada Bigg Boss 5 Start date

In the last seasons, the number of days that the contestants should live in the inmates house is exactly for 112 days and this was the highest in its history. So even in the Bigg Boss 5 it is expected the same with 18 contestants. As soon as the updates regarding the Bigg Boss 5 reach us, we will be publishing it to the viewers here. 

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On the first day of show start, the theme would be the introduction of contestants to the Kannada audience. As before Colors Kannada will be airing the show in their channel regularly. Also Colors Super will be hosting the event. Finals will be in the Colors Kannada Channel. As the expected date of Bigg Boss 5 Kannada launch is from 7th October 2017, all the candidates interested in this aspect can check the updates regaularly through this site. We will be posting all the updates on Bigg Boss Kannada. 

Details of Bigg Boss 5 Kannada Contestants List :

Name of Authority: Endemol India

Name of Show: Bigg Boss 5

Name of Language: Kannada

Date of Launch: From 16th October 2017

Host: Sudeep 

Contestant 1: Sihi Kahi Chandru

Contestant 2: Vijayalakshmi

Contestant 3: Rapper Chandan Shetty

Contestant 4: RJ Riaz Pasha

Contestant 5: Raju Thalikote

Contestant 6: Muruli of Oggarane Dabbi fame

Contestant 7: Jaya Srinivasan

Contestant 8: Anuradha Bhat

Contestant 9: Supriya Lohith

Contestant 10: Varshini Kusuma

Contestant 11: Kavitha Gowda

Contestant 12: Sriki

Contestant 13: Harsha

Contestant 14: Rajesh Nataranga

Contestant 15: Sunil Raoh

Contestant 16: Pankaj Narayan

Contestant 17: Shine Shetty

Bigg Boss 5 (Season-5) Kannada Rules & Regulations 2017

All the hose mates who are living in the Kannada Bigg Boss need to follow these rules in the Bigg Boss 5:

1) All the contestants should not leave the house until permitted

2) There should not be any other items brought from their home except the clothing

3) No alcohol is allowed in the house

4) Smoking is allowed but only in specific room

5) All the contestants should not participate in any physical assault of other person

6) Should not carry any electronic devices like mobiles, TVs etc.

7) No contacts with their family members will be there. 

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